Karen, 2017

"It amazes me that this many people can work in harmony. They never skip a beat.  I live far away and I do not drive anymore.  TSC Transportation allows me to keep  in touch socially, by attending events that TSC will pick me up for. TSC Transportation will pick me up and take me doctors' appointments.  They allow me to continue to live a full life, and do the things I need to do.  I truly feel that without TSC, I would be living in an assisted living home."

Joan, 2016

"I can't remember a time when I need some love and support from a friend or family member.  You and your helpers all are just that! So I thought it might make all of you feel good to know how very important that devotion means to me. Life is an endless creative experience and it is so nice that compassion and empathy you show us all. A persons work makes them who they are. Giving is a miracle that transforms the heaviest of hearts, a wonderful act of sharing; whether it's a trip to the market, to the doctors', exercise class, or just a fun outing to lift the spirits. Your service is there to help. Thank you so much!"

Julie, 2016

"I'd like to compliment your agency for providing excellent transportation services to the seniors in Teller County.  My 81 year old mother utilizes the TSC Transportation Service, which not only gets her to various appointments, it also gives me a break as I am my mothers' full-time care provider.  The Transportation Service is invaluable and gives seniors a sense of freedom and independence as Teller County is a rural mountain area making it difficult for many seniors to get out and about.  I, as well as my mother, have always been pleased with the Transportation Service.  The drivers are timely and courteous and my mother looks forward to her weekly trips that bring her to activities where she enjoys spending time with her friends. Such a commitment to the seniors and their care providers in our community is to be commended.  Thank you for all that you and your staff so to ensure seniors are mobile and active in the community."

Bob's Story

Teller Senior Coalition's programs help seniors maintain their autonomy by delivering services that are prerequisites to independence.  TSC helps seniors every day in many ways and sometimes that assistance proves to be a vital determinant in the outcome of a crisis.  An example of this is illustrated in Bob's experience with TSC.

Bob and his wife, Julia, had recently moved to Teller County after his wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.  Julia was in the later stages of Alzheimer's disease when he began experiencing troubling medical symptoms. He had been a caregiver/client in TSC's Respite Program for over a year, but now the respite time afforded him not just a break but the availability of time to seek medical help for himself.  He was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor.  So, in the midst of the complexities as a full-time caregiver, he now faced surgery followed by additional oncology treatments.  How could he manage to attend to his medical needs and still care for his wife? Fortunately, TSC was there to help Bob through his crisis. Not only did TSC provide the means for a substitute caregiver, TSC also transported him to his frequent, post-surgical cancer treatments.  His vision was significantly impaired so he was not allowed to drive.  In addition to his cancer treatments, TSC transported him to grocery shopping and essential errands.  All the while, TSC continued to provide respite.  Additionally, TSC provided other supportive services for Bob and his wife.  TSC Rural Area Meal Program provided Bob and his wife with home delivered, frozen meals.  Family support resources regarding long-term care planning was also provided by TSC's case manager.  Bob may have been able to assess resources in other communities, but it was TSC that was the single source for all the help he needed when he needed it most.